Humor in Serious Business.

Like any other business, commercial aviation has to deal with profit and loss, tight margins, competition, etc. etc. Apart from that, this business need to invest in safety, training and security to prevent high costs as a result from accidents which unfortunately sometimes end up in the loss of (many) lives.

It is refreshing to see that there are airline companies that find some financial resources to use creative people to set them apart from other companies.

One of these companies is Kulula Airlines, based at Bonaero Park, South Africa. This company has a unique approach to the painting schemes on their aircraft.  Where other airliners choose to use distinguish patterns and color schemes to have a prestigious appearance, Kulula goes on the humoristic path.

Humor in liveries? Yes, it is possible, take a look at these pictures. I like it!






Kulula 737NG, This Way Up.

FYI: I do not have any connections with Kulula Airlines whatsoever, they are not even aware of my existence..

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If you are a flight simmer and fly with the iFly Boeing 737NG, you can find some liveries from Kulula Airlines here:

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